Graphic design is a vast universe. Potential clients, understandably, tend to ask, “Have you done this one really specific thing? Do you have a portfolio full of examples of this thing, preferably for the same type of business as mine?”

Usually the answer is no.

The pool of graphic designers who have specialized in quarterly report templates for the energy industry or eBooks about meditation is probably fairly shallow. But principles of good design are pretty universal. If you like what you see in my portfolio, you’ll probably like what I can come up with for your project, regardless of whether I’ve done that specific thing a hundred times or zero times.

I know design, you know your thing. So we talk, we share our expertise with each other. This process of collaboration is always a little bit magical. I respect your knowledge of your thing, and you respect my knowledge of design. The end product is almost always something better than either of us could have envisioned when we started out. Let’s try it and see where it takes us!

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